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Tri-State Data Recovery specializes in RAID Data Recovery and dropped hard drive data recovery. Tri-State Data Recovery was formed in New Jersey only 5 minutes from Philadelphia and has separated itself from other data recovery companies by providing unparalleled service from data loss issues like a hard drive crash, dropped hard drive, bad sectors, and even flood damaged drives. We have been featured in several newspapers including          Tri-State Data Recovery article.
Tri-State Data Recovery provides secure data recovery and complete confidentiality combined with affordable discounted rates from a professional service.

Our clients are welcome to see our class 10 clean room and learn how the recovery process works here in New Jersey.

It’s important to understand that all data recovery is not the same. Most clicking hard drives require pcb soldering or clean room work. It’s vital to ask a few very important questions when dealing with a data recovery company to prevent data theft or the permanent loss of your data from inexperienced technicians. Make sure that they do the recovery on-site, and inquire to see their clean room. If they change the subject or say clean rooms aren’t needed…move on. Most likely they are outsourced, meaning they will charge you a premium and send your hard drive to a third party. Who knows exactly who is looking at your data? Or even worse they will try to repair the drive themselves using Do-It-Yourself techniques found on the internet that will destroy your drive or cause permanent data loss. Your best option is to store the drive safely, until you are ready to have a professional recover the data. A small percentage of drives that have surface damage “platter damage” on the service area are deemed unrecoverable by anyone. The typical time frame of a level 1 or 2 recovery is within 48 hours. The typical time frame of a level 3 recovery is 1-3 weeks. These are accurate, reliable, and honest answers to your questions. To start a case please click here start a data recovery case


Certified Class 10 Clean Room Services

The fact is about 30+% of the drives we receive need a clean room for recovery. This could be due to physical abuse like a drop or from the drive being tampered with from another company or the client. We use a certified class10 clean room on-site to repair drives that are in the worse of conditions. This is a vital tool in the industry to keep the platters from being contaminated when opening the drive for repairs.

Symptoms of a hard drive failure that would require expert services.

     Is your data important to you? Don’t risk losing it all… Running software on failing drives, following do-it-yourself techniques, or taking the hard drive to a computer repair shop that offers a low cost solution could be devastating to your irreplaceable data!

Below is a list of the most common hard drive failures.

Click on the links to learn more about that type of issue. If you experience any of these failures then professional data recovery is needed. Special expertise, tools and equipment will be needed that only an experienced data recovery engineer will be able to provide.

Is your hard drive making strange clicks, beeps, buzzing, or grinding sounds? Is the drive giving you I/O errors or the Blue Screen Of Death? Does check disk keep running on a system reboot? Then stop immediately!

              hard drive failure sounds Click on the image to listen to some examples of drives that make abnormal sounds.