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Clean room data recovery repairs:

  • hard drive stiction recovery

  • hard drive seized spindle recovery

  • hard drive heads replacement recovery

  • hard drive platter swap recovery

  • hard drive surface damage recovery

  • hard drive platter damage recovery

What does a

damaged hard drive

sound like?
Click on the image below for sounds that damaged drives make.

hard drive sounds
clean room data recovery

The top level 3 clean room data recovery in the Philadelphia area, By Don Anderson

hdd diagram
Hard drives with physical damage including most clicking, beeping, or dropped drives require the most advanced stage of data recovery. They must be repaired in a clean room environment. "Donor" drives must be used that much up with the damaged drive for compatible parts. Sometimes the "donor" drives are hard to find due to the age and model of the "patient" drive. This is where skill and experience are vital to the success of the recovery.

hard drive platters
If the drive is having motor problems then a platter swap would be required. The delicate head assembly must separated and removed, the powerful magnet must be taken out ever so carefully. Special tools are used to remove the platters while keeping perfect alignment. Other obstacles could stand in the way like multiple platters, spacers, ramps, and other internal parts. All this while no dust or particles can fall onto the platters.

hard drive heads
When removing the head assembly the tiny magnetic heads at the end of the arms cannot touch each other. They must be separated before being removed from their parked position on the platters or the ramp.

You can think of a level 3 recovery as performing surgery on your hard drive

Once the repair has been completed the second phase of the recovery process begins. Special machines like the DDI or Data Compass are used to image the repaired hard drive onto a good working drive. This is required because even though the drive was repaired bad sectors and problem areas on the platters will become a problem.
Once the drive has been imaged onto a good working drive, then the file phase of the recovery process can be performed using special softwares to extract the data from the imaged drive.

“ He was able to recover a substantial amount of data even though my disk drive was physically damaged.”
-Joe Arsenault, Environmental Consulting


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Do not open your drive.

Do not cook your drive.

Do not freeze your drive.

Do not continue to power the drive on.

Do not run checkdisk.

Do not bang the drive.

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