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Cloud disadvantages
  • Slow transfers

  • Possible Downtime

  • Cost

What does a

damaged hard drive

sound like?
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hard drive sounds

Is cloud backup secure? Can I use it with HIPAA compliance? We are now offering Private Cloud Services to our clients.

Is cloud backup for me? By, Don Anderson

Now keep in mind this is cloud backup we're talking about here. It's a little different than backing your PC up on high speed external drive and retrieving the data in minutes. It's not going to be a quick restore, but can you count on it? Can you trust it? The important things to remember are:

1. Is the cloud backup secure?
2. Does the cloud backup meet HIPAA compliance if you are storing medical records?
2. Is the cloud backup reliable?
3. Do I have enough space in my storage plan? 4. Do I need to recovery the data quickly?

Who should use cloud backup?

1. In my opinion, anyone that runs a business with data that is critical to the operation of their business and doesn't have an I.T. department monitoring your backups. 2. The home user that doesn't have much knowledge of computers and simply wants to keep some personal files like family pictures or videos that would be devastating if lost. 3. Anyone that would be worried about a fire, flood, or theft where any on-site computers, hard drives, or backups you kept would be destroyed or stolen.

My clients' ask me time after time. What should I use for a backup? Note, this is always after they needed my recovery services. I personally recommend an external RAID 5 box that is monitored and an off site backup that is secure, such as an encrypted external hard drive. You could keep it in a fire safe, or in a safety deposit box if you want to be sure!

I hope this page helped with some of your questions regarding a safe and inexpensive backup plan!

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Research the provider.

Make sure their support is sufficiant to your needs.

Business use is much more costly than personal use.

Make sure if you are in the medical field the cloud backup is HIPAA compliant.