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Commonly dropped hard drives

  • Dropped WD MY Passport data recovery

  • Dropped WD essential data recovery

  • Dropped WD Studio data recovery

  • Dropped WD elements data recovery

  • Dropped Seagate GoFlex data recovery

  • Dropped Toshiba Canvio data recovery

  • Dropped Iomega eGO data recovery

  • Dropped MacBooks data recovery

What does a

dropped hard drive

sound like?
Click on the image below for sounds that damaged drives make.

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What happens when you drop your external hard drive or laptop?

A dropped hard drive or laptop is the most common reason drives are damaged and come in for recovery. "My drive was dropped a few feet onto a carpet and now it is clicking", is a phrase I hear every week.
dropped hard drive recovery
The image shown above is a common scenario when a drive has been dropped while turned off. The heads are "parked" on the ramp and become bent from the drop. Sometimes even mangled. We know that sounds bad, but this is a good thing because the heads weren't on the platters when this happened causing scratches where the data is located. Sometimes the heads become so bent that while attempting to power on the drive the heads attempt to access the platters but are too bent to leave the ramp.

dropped hard drive recovery
What happens to the drive when it hits the floor and why is it clicking or beeping now? Take a look at the image above. This drive was dropped while running. Notice the sensitive actuator arms, and the tiny magnetic read/write heads at the ends of the arms that float on top of the platters. These heads never come in contact with the platters but float much like a airplane wing a fraction of the width of a human hair from the platters which read the data magnetically. In the previous picture you can notice the heads are in the parked position on the ramp. This is where the heads are supposed to be while the drive is off, but in this case they are stuck onto the platters (stiction) from the drop. This drive was also tampered with causing scratches all throughout the platters. Notice the ring carved in the platter. This drive has a partial recovery chance at best.

In the event of a hard drive drop the heads usually crash into the platters while the drive was on and become stuck causing a beeping sound. If this happens the odds of success are high *if* the drive isn't tampered with. It's very common with Seagate drives to seize up after a drop. This is a very complex recovery involving the platters being removed and placed into another chasis. A clean room head replacement or platter swap is usually required in such cases. These are all level 3 clean room recoveries.

Do not continue to power on the drive or attempt any kind of do it yourself fixes when you drop a drive

If you continue powering on or trying any "instant" fixes, the platters can become damaged further hindering your chances at a successful recovery by anyone!

Dropped hard drive File Recovery

don anderson data recovery

What is involved in data recovery from a dropped computer hard drive? Most cases when the drive has been spinning while hitting the floor a clicking sound can be heard after. The drive cannot initialize with the damaged heads and must be opened in a class 10 clean room to analyze the extent of the damage. You may not hear the drive spin or make any sounds at all resulting in a siezed motor. Exact donor drives are needed to use for parts and must be tracked down and ordered. The donor drive must be nearly identical for proper compatability.

Dropped Portable Drive File Recovery

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When dropping a portable 2.5" hard drive a beeping sound can be heard after. You will notice the drive does not initialize or spin up anymore and just beeps. The heads have crashed onto the platters while the drive was spinning and have become stuck causing possible platter and head damage. The drive must be opened in the clean room, analyzed for damage, and heads replaced in most cases.

Dropped Laptop File Recovery

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Much like a portable drive that has been dropped, a laptop hard drive shows the same symptoms. Usually a beeping sound will be heard after the fall meaning a head crash has caused the platters to seize. In some cases the drive will sound normal but no longer load the operating system. This could mean slight surface damage has occured and the drive has become unstable. If you get I/O errors after the drop, power the drive off immediately and call a professional. If no other tampering is done to the drive the odds of a successful recovery are great.

“"When I dropped my portable drive, it had all my critical business and personal information on it. ”
-Steve A., Philadelphia, PA


Affordable dropped hard drive data recovery rates

If you have dropped your hard drive and are researching professional data recovery, the odds are that your data is valuable. Don't be fooled by "too good to be true" prices. Our prices are most competitive for professional clean room data recovery services and our quality is the best. We even offer personal financing to accommodate your needs.
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Do not open your drive.

Do not cook your drive.

Do not freeze your drive.

Do not continue to power the drive on.

Do not run checkdisk.

Do not bang the drive.

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