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What does a

damaged hard drive

sound like?
Click on the image below for sounds that damaged drives make.

hard drive sounds

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Common Hard Drive failures

Clicking Hard Drive data recovery

Also known as "the click of death". If you hear your drive clicking, clunking, beeping, buzzing, grinding, or making any abnormal sounds do not attempt to run any software on it or continue to power it on. Shut the drive off immediately and call a professional. Visit my sounds page to listen to some sounds that damaged hard drives make.

Beeping or buzzing hard drive data recovery

Beeping or buzzing is usually caused from heat or physical abuse like a drop. This is most common in Seagate and Western Digital notebook and portable drives, but can happen to any make and model.
In most cases beeping or buzzing is a good sign that you will need a level 3 recovery to replaced damaged heads from stiction or even a platter swap from a seized spindle.

Dropped Hard Drive data recovery

A huge portion of drives that come in for recovery are from physical abuse. When a laptop or external hard drive is dropped this usually causes some kind of physical damage. Most cases of dropped drives turn out to need head replacements, which is also a level 3 recovery.

I/O Cyclic redundancy check data errors data recovery

Windows blue screen errors data recovery

If you are having I/O device errors, disk read errors, or your computer is blue screening there is a good possibility that your hard drive has developed numerous bad sectors. In cases like these the likelyhood of recovery is normally very good if the drive is not continuously tampered with causing more problems. Special hardware is needed to read bad sectors. Using software on drives like this will cause more damage. The only time software should ever be used is if the drive has no physical problems and the data loss is stricly a logical problem.

Worldwide Data Recovery Services

worldwide data recovery

Our lab is located in New Jersey only 5 minutes from Philadelphia, however we accept drives from all over the world.

Shipping your hard drive

hard drive shipping

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Data Recovery Tips

data recovery advice

Do not open your drive.

Do not cook your drive.

Do not freeze your drive.

Do not continue to power the drive on.

Do not run checkdisk.

Do not bang the drive.

free hdd softwareFree HDD Diagnostic software

Click on the image above to access free hard drive diagnostic software to give you an idea of what may be wrong with your drive. If your drive fails any of these tests you will need professional service or risk damaging the drive further.

Secure Erase download below free hdd erase software
User data is left on disk drives removed from computers and storage systems, creating a data security vulnerability that many users are unaware of. Recent Federal and state laws requiring secure erasure of user data expose companies to fines of $250,000 and responsible parties to imprisonment for 10 years. Complete eradication of user data off drives can be accomplished by running data Secure Erasure utilities such as the freeware "HDDerase" downloadable above.

It executes the Federally-approved (NIST 800-88) Secure Erase command in the ATA ANSI standard, which is implemented in all recent ATA drives greater than 15-20 GB.

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