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Common APPLE recoveries

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What does a

damaged hard drive

sound like?
Click on the image below for sounds that damaged drives make.

hard drive sounds

The worlds top HFS+ Macbook and Apple data recovery services, By Don Anderson

macbook data recovery

Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC are experts at recovery from macbooks or other apple computers.

A ? mark or a constant loading screen before the mac boots up is a good indication of a failed hard drive in a Mac.
mac hard drive failure signs
Apple does not offer data recovery services and in most cases the client will go to the Mac Store and have them remove the hard drive to be sent out for recovery.

If the hard drive has failed in your MacBook then we recommend taking it to the Mac store and have them remove the bad drive for you to be sent to us for data recover. If this isn't an option then you can bring us the Mac and we will remove the drive for you. The only difference in a mac recovery is the file system. The file system used that was developed by APPLE is the HFS+ file system. The hard drive is not proprietary and still remains most commonly SATA in MAC computers.

“We purchased him a MacBook for school and for his photos but we never backed up...”
-Tom Del Conte, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ


Common MAC Hard Drive problems

APPLE MAC Clicking Hard Drives

A hard drive in a mac computer is no different from a hard drive in any other PC aside from the HFS+ file system. Most clicking hard drives found in APPLE computers are still due to bad read/write heads. Click on the link above to learn more on what causes a clicking hard drive.

Bad Sectors in a Mac

This is the most common failure in a MacBook. The system will start to run very slow or lock up periodically. You will notice "spinning beach balls", also known as "spinning beach ball of death", when attempting to open a secondary drive.
spinning beachball of death

Macbook Dropped Hard Drives

Most MAC customers use macbooks and like any other laptop they are dropped every day. If you have dropped your macbook and can no longer boot into the OS stop what you are doing and call a professional data recovery service. You can bring your macbook to the mac store for removal of the hard drive from the macbook to have shipped out for recovery or bring or ship the entire macbook to us as it is.

Affordable Apple data recovery rates

Most companies use APPLES name as a reason to raise the prices for data recovery up due to the lack of knowledge some companies have on MACs. Any professional data recovery company knows that it doesn't matter if it's a MAC, Linux, or PC file system. The process is still the same. Our rates are nearly half of the national competitors that advertise MAC data recovery services in New York or Philadelphia. Click below for more details on our pricing and payment options for MAC data recovery services.
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Do not open your drive.

Do not cook your drive.

Do not freeze your drive.

Do not continue to power the drive on.

Do not run checkdisk.

Do not bang the drive.


Apple wasn't started in a garage, it was started in a bedroom at 11161 Crist Drive in Los Altos.

Atari All 3 founders worked at Atari before forming Apple.

Mccintosh Apple Named after the McIntosh apple, the original Macintosh was released on January 24, 1984. It was the first commercially successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse instead of the then-standard command line interface.

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