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The leaders in SCSI RAID data recovery services, By Don Anderson

dropped hard drive recovery
Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC are leaders at recovering from failed SCSI hard drives and RAID arrays. The majority of our SCSI recoveries come from the bordering major cites like Philadelphia and New York.

SCSI is the standard in commercial servers running some sort of RAID array. Most SCSI drives that come in for recovery are from a failed RAID 5 array. A common scenario would be a user failing to replace the first failed drive until the second drive brings the entire RAID down. It's very important to label the order of the drives as they were setup in the RAID. Knowing which RAID array they were set up in helps us put the puzzle back together.

SCSI hard drives are made by many different manufacturers like Seagate Cheetah, HP, Compaq, IBM, Hitachi, and Fujitsu. They have various speeds and can support up to 8 or 16 devices on a single bus.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI, /ˈskʌzi/ skuz-ee)[1] is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices. The SCSI standards define commands, protocols, and electrical and optical interfaces. SCSI is most commonly used for hard disks and tape drives, but it can connect a wide range of other devices, including scanners and CD drives, although not all controllers can handle all devices. The SCSI standard defines command sets for specific peripheral device types; the presence of "unknown" as one of these types means that in theory it can be used as an interface to almost any device, but the standard is highly pragmatic and addressed toward commercial requirements.

Do not continue to power on the drive or attempt any kind of do it yourself fixes when your SCSI drive fails

The process in recovering data from failed SCSI arrays is much more complicated than a single drive failure. The failed raid drives must be repaired, imaged, and the RAID must be reconfigured.

Philadelphia SCSI data recovery

philadelphia scsi data recovery

Tri-State Data Recovery are the leaders in the Philadelphia region for recovering SCSI hard drives. Our prices are nearly half of larger nationwide companies and our service is done on-site. We are close enough to Philadelphia to drop off the drives in person or you can have the satisfaction of knowing you aren't shipping the drive across the country for service.

New York SCSI data recovery

don anderson forensics

A large portion of SCSI drive recoveries we receive come from New York. Companies like White Coffee Corp. in New York have sent us several SCSI drives we have successfully recovered data from. Dealing with Data Recovery Companies in New York and other major cities can be very deceiving and pricey. Feel safe knowing your data is being recovered from a reputable and cost effective firm like Tri-State Data Recovery, LLC

New Jersey SCSI Data Recovery

best data recovery

Tri-State Data Recovery, LLC is located right in New Jersey. Our NJ clients' are more than welcomed to bring the failed SCSI drives to our lab in person or ship the drives to us knowing they aren't traveling very far. If you are shipping from the same state we usually receive the drives next day with priority mail!

“"We were in the middle of a network upgrade when one of my main storage servers decided to up and die on us. ”
-John Ciresi, White Coffee Corp. New York


Affordable SCSI hard drive data recovery rates!

If you have a failed SCSI hard drive and are researching professional data recovery, the odds are that your data is valuable. Don't be fooled by "too good to be true" prices. Our prices are most competitive for professional clean room data recovery services and our quality is the best. We even offer personal financing to accommodate your needs.
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Do not open your drive.

Do not cook your drive.

Do not freeze your drive.

Do not continue to power the drive on.

Do not run checkdisk.

Do not bang the drive.

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